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Welcome to the wine regions of France

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The wines of France have a history dating back to the 6th Century BC with France being one the largest wine producer in the world.  As the source of well known grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chandonnay, Pinot noir and Sauvignon Blanc, France is without question the hub of the world’s wine industry with the wines of France considered among the worlds best .The sunny French climate and rich soil are suitable for the production of every style of wine – red, rose, white, sparkling and fortified, ranging in price from cheap to the very expensive. French wine production is carried out throughout the country with varieties of grape representing a certain region, for instance, Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux, Chardonnay (Burgundy and Champagne) and Sauvignon blanc (Loire and Bordeaux). Other famous regions include Alsace, Cognac, Provence, Rhone, Savoy and Languedoc-Roussillon. Merlot, Grenache and Syrah have the highest yield among the red grapes, while Chadonnay, Sauvignon blanc and Ugni blanc are the most harvested whites. The French wine industry employs almost 560,000 people and is the country’s second largest export sector and produces more than 7 billion bottles of wine per year

DISCLAIMER: Anyone searching this site must be of legal drinking age. Alcohol must be consumed in moderation. All attempts have been made to accurately display wineries in their regions. in case of any discrepancies please contact us to correct any errors.

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