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Welcome To Chefs Biography

During the last decade the role of chef has evolved markedly with many in this field stepping out of the kitchen and onto the world stage. The heartbeat of the hospitality industry, a career as a chef was once considered a blue-collar occupation but with the advent of TV reality shows, Talkback radio and other food-related media, it has become a glamour profession.

Click onto the above link and enter a unique world of hospitality featuring a directory of chefs, from celebrity chefs, pastry chefs, dessert chefs, iron chefs, holistic chefs and healthy chefs through to local chefs. You can check out their special dietary tips promoting health and vitality as well as trying out their cleansing health eating recipes for healthy eating and dietary.

Today’s global chefs are the movie stars of the culinary world, with many starring in their own TV and radio shows, they publish books and tour the world as celebrities. Learn about your favourite chefs and get to know their history, passion, inspirations and influences, and follow their journey from obscurity to world recognition. Visit their websites, buy their books, try out their recipes and visit their restaurants -many have multiple restaurants around the world!