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The word hospitality is broad but in essence it encompasses the world’s largest industries of fine food, hospitality, leisure and tourism. In fact, for many centuries hospitality and travel have gone hand in hand, following this concept of ‘meet, eat and greet’ being popular amongst all cultures. is a unique concept featuring links to fine food and beverages suppliers, travel, tourism and hospitality equipment suppliers. We are the first and only dedicated directory linking buyers and sellers to all these massive and diverse industries. Although, there are many e commerce sites that sell anything and everything, our point of difference is that we feature only the best hospitality equipment suppliers, and we showcase the highest quality products and services. In addition to a wide and diverse range of hospitality equipment, we also include tour operators, travel activities and services providers among our listings.




Listed within our pages are over 70,000 high-quality suppliers of fine food and beverage suppliers, gourmet foods, and special dietary foods such as halal, kosher, organic, and gluten-free. In addition to fine food and hospitality suppliers, we likewise feature premium beverages including fine wine, craft beers, ciders, sakes whiskeys liquors, and a huge array of non-alcoholic beverages. For ease of reference, all our fine food and hospitality suppliers are listed in categories and global regions. You can select to view all global suppliers under a specific category or you can drill down to a region by selecting a country from our drop-down menu




In case you want to know how to get to a specific location, we provide you with the means to world-class International, domestic and regional airlines for all your travel needs. Furthermore, to find the best transportation and logistics services, our world freight directory offers solutions for your entire road, rail, warehousing, sea, and air transport requirements. Hospitality Equipment suppliers can search our logistics services pages to find solutions for local, national, or international freight operators. Be it large, small, perishable, or fragile freight, you can be assured to find the right service provider on our global freight pages.




For anybody interested in knowing more about globally renowned chefs, we have listed over 150 of the world’s most popular. Their biographies can be found on our chef's biography pages, featuring celebrity chefs, holistic chefs, and specialty chefs. You can view each chef’s website, find out more about their restaurants, and view some of their unique recipes.


Foodies and home chefs – we invite you to send us your favorite recipe to be listed on our new recipe pages. If you have a business (may not necessarily be in the hospitality industry) we will promote your business alongside your recipe. You man also use this platform as a reference source to search for food and beverage suppliers. The condition of acceptance being that the recipe is unique to you – or modified, but it must not be one that is a direct copy of somebody else’s.


NOTE: is the Worlds first and most innovative resource platform for the hospitality, leisure & tourism industries that features 4 interacting information websites.


Hospitalitychain is a dedicated Global directory featuring the worlds premier food & beverage, hospitality equipment suppliers & services, careers, chefs biographies, importers and exporters, etc


Leisurechain is a dedicated Global directory featuring the various adventure, leisure, tourist attractions & activities. Many of the featured activities are free to visit such as farmers' markets, walking tracks, parks, gardens, and local attractions


Hospitalitycharities is a dedicated Global platform featuring & connecting strictly non for profit charities. The charities listed are related to the hospitality, leisure & tourism industries that need or provide help for the underprivileged and people in need.


Worldfreightdirect is a global directory featuring freight, logistics & service providers. Featured are the companies that provide the road, rail, sea, packing, storage, refrigeration, deliveries, relocation, and parcel post to the huge markets of import, export servicing the hospitality, leisure & tourism Industries. These companies also can lend help & assist with charitable transport of food & special needs charities


Simply click the individual icons below at the footer of each category to view and search the many thousands of listings in their feature category and contact the suppliers, contractors & services direct. Best of all it's simple & free to use and benefits direct sales with supplier and buyer.




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