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Hospitality Chain - A Gourmet Journey

Welcome to HospitalityChain.Com


The World of Hospitality is such a broad & diverse Global industry employing tens of millions and engaging many forms of businesses, suppliers and services. Dating back centuries, hospitality was created by explorers, travellers, and traders of all languages and cultures forming the welcoming of meet, eat, greet and a place to sleep. In these modern times, hospitality is more than fine food, beverages and lodging, it also engages largely with the Leisure & Tourism Industries, event management, schooling, specialized logistics and transport.
This wonderful world of hospitality, leisure, and tourism is truly global with all countries relying heavily on these industries for their survival, growth, and economy like never before.


HOSPITALITYCHAIN.COM was created and built by its founders and current owners and was first launched in 2008 as Expatdeli. The concept was a massive undertaking and ever-changing, developing and re-branding aimed at becoming the first Global information platform covering all sectors of the vast hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries.


Our Mission

To create the World’s “ first and dedicated “ Global  search platform covering all sectors of Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism. A one-stop-shop that is simple and free to use throughout the entire world and understood by all languages and more important to include all cultures.


The founders needed to be creative, innovative frontrunners with the sole purpose of becoming a crucial part of the ever-growing world wide web. Our focus and policy are to be selective, listing only the highest quality produce, products and services that the World has to offer.

To showcase the World's most amazing leisure activities and to explore some of the World's greatest attractions, the new, the old and the remote.

Never again say " how do I get it there ". Simply click onto the Freight and Logistics Platform to search our complete list of freight solutions.

The way to achieve this was to create one platform with interacting sites that the user could simply click from one dedicated site to the other. A bold plan was put in place with our team of developers to provide a simple search for the various industry needs whilst focusing on ease & speed.


We believe we now offer the world simplicity of searching for all the things related to Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Specialised Freight & Logistics, and our most important  Hospitality Charities,  a strict non for profit Global charity site supporting the hospitality industries. 


All 4 sites have been trademarked and have their own dotcoms. No matter which site you enter from, simply click the icon of choice at the footer of the page to visit each industry sector.  “ITS THAT SIMPLE – LET THE SEARCH BEGIN “  Free And Simple To Use - No Commissions Taken






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