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Fine Food and Hospitality Suppliers, Leisure and Tourism Directory



The word hospitality is broad but simply encompasses the world’s largest industries of fine food,

leisure, tourism and transportation.


For centuries hospitality and travel have gone hand in hand, with the concept of

‘meet eat and greet’ being  popular among  all cultures

********** is a unique concept becasue we are the only dedicated directory

linking buyers and sellers to these massive and diverse industries.

While there are many e commerce sites that sell anything and everything, our point of

difference is that we showcase only the highet quality products including,

  tour operators, travel activities and services


Fine Food – Premium Beverages – Hospitality Equipment Supplies & Services


Featured on our fine food and beverages pages are thousands premium product that are made love.

Suppliers of the finest unique, specialty foods, fine wine,  craft beers,

including hospitality equipment & services have carefully selected for

their high quality premium brands.

Among our many categories are foods that suit the special dietary requirements of

halal, organic, kosher and gluten-free


Leisure Travel and Tourism


Unlike the many tourism websites offering cheap flights, holiday packages and reviews,

we focus on luxury travel, specialty tours and unique leisure activities 

Our leisure pages offer a huge range of exciting and exclusive adventure options for all ages.

Some of these include the world’s best ski lodges, private islands, charter yachts,

jets, sailing ships and specialty travel operators.

Listed on our pages are safari and outback adventure tours to the most remote locations.

For those looking for rest and relaxation holidays you will find the world’s best wellness, fitness and yoga retreats


Transportation and Logistics


If you would like to know “how to get there,” we offer you links to the world’s

international, domestic and regional airlines for all your personal travel needs

Our world freight directory offers solutions for your entire road, rail,

warehousing, sea and air transport needs.

Be it large, small, perishable or fragile freight, you will be sure

find the right service provider among our global frieght pages


Chefs Biography - Recipes


For those who want to learn about celebrity chefs, holistic chefs or specialty chefs,

especially relevant are our chef’s biography pages.

View their websites, find out about their restaurants or simply try making

some of their specialty recipes at home.


Foodies and home chefs, we invite you to send your own favorite

recipe for listing in our Recipes Pages

We are always looking for unique, holistic, specialty recipes that we can share

among our global audience


IF you are in the hospitality, leisure or tourism industry you must therefore visit

our expos pages.

Presented in month and date order you will find more than 

200 of the world's best expos.


The Worlds First and Only Dedicated Global Directory For Fine Food,

Hospitality Suppliers and Leisure Operators

Fine Food and Hospitality Suppliers

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