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Hospitality Chain - A Gourmet Journey

Hospitality Chain is a Global Online Expo dedicated to all aspects of Hospitality.

The World of Hospitality is a broad & diverse Global industry employing tens of millions and engaging many forms of related businesses, suppliers and services. Hospitality was created by explorers, travelers, and traders of all languages and cultures forming the welcoming of meet, eat, greet and a place to sleep. In these modern times, hospitality is more than fine food, beverages and lodging. The Hospitality industry has many sectors as it also engages largely with the leisure & tourism industries, event management, schooling, specialized freight & logistics and the massive responsibility to its waste control and management. also features one of our most important sectors, a dedicated non for profit charity portal. This portal features Global food support, food banks, soup kitchens, homeless refuge shelters and mental health and well being organizations.


Our Mission: To create the World’s first dedicated Global online expo featuring all aspects of the vast Hospitality industries. A massive undertaking encompassing only the premier products, suppliers & services of Hospitality and its interconnected industries. To become a voice and dedicated search platform not only connecting business to business, but to feature related articles and useful information such as our popular chefs biography portal. The Global concept was far too large for one major platform. Our foresight was to create interactive sites by simply clicking from one dedicated site to the next with total ease of navigation. Each site has its own dotcom and once you enter one site you can visit each site by clicking the icon at the footer of each page. We believe we have met our objective and have created a very useful asset for the World Wide Web. Best of all we support our premier listings by being one of the cheapest forms of online replica watches marketing by showcasing them 24/7/365 days of the year.


Note: Hospitality Chain is currently owned and developed by its founders and was firstly released and exhibited as in 2008. All sites are trademarked covered by their individual copyright and separate dotcoms.




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