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At Premium Beers And Ales Dotcom, we provide beer lovers with the most up to date lists of the worlds popular craft beers and premium ales. Simply select a country from the drop down menu or via the integrated maps to view our list of suppliers of craft beers, premium breweries and brew pubs.
The craft beer revolution, originated in North America in the 1980’s and has now reached record levels with over 4,200 microbreweries. It continues to grow across the globe as beer drinkers in Europe, Asia and Australia have jumped on the bandwagon, as they warm to the taste of the many varieties of fuller-flavoured ales from the smaller breweries that are popping up everywhere. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the number of craft microbreweries doubled in the period from 2009 to 2014, whilst renowned beer-drinking nations France, Italy and Spain experienced similar gains. In the Orient Japan has been the forerunner of the craft beer scene since the mid 1990’s while other Asian nations, particularly China, and to a lesser extent South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even North Korea, are starting to increase their share of the craft beverage market. In Australia the popularity of craft and specialty beers has flourished over the last few years, despite a 65-year low in overall beer consumption. Changes in consumer taste that tend towards more premium and sophisticated beers has seen the craft beers industry’s revenue jump by 9.5 percent to $376 million in the past five years. With more home brewers adding to the microbreweries in the country, a further 5 percent growth in the their craft beer industry is forecast over the next 5 years.
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