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Exceptional Bite Size Treats
Bite Size Group specialises in the manufacture of premium quality small European style coffee treats. specifically designed to accompany the taste and presentation of coffee and tea. From its inception over 10 years ago, the company has won over 130 Royal Fine Food Awards plus a very rare Award of Outstanding Excellence, earning the title of The Perfect Coffee Accompaniment.

Profile Description

Small bite size biscuits in 3 jarsBite Size Group . Whether you’re looking to create a point of difference between you and your competitors, reward your clients for their loyalty with more value, or simply enhance the customer service experience within your operation, Bite Size Group offers premium products for businesses seeking to make an exceptional impression Coffee Treats

Coffee Treats: From delicious complimentary treats to serve alongside your coffees and teas to exquisite gourmet gift items, Bite Size have a range of products specifically designed to make lasting impressions.

Cups of Coffee with Small biscuits on top of lid4 small biscuits on white plate Bite size group .3 small biscuits next to honey pot

With a range of 12 delicious biscuit flavours and exquisite handmade chocolates, they are the perfect inclusion to your drink service, conferencing spread or marketing giveaway.

Bite Size boasts an ever-growing range of beautifully packaged parcels filled with award-winning treats.

Their gift range also offers branding opportunities allowing the gourmet morsels to transform into premium promotional products, because edible marketing is the best kind there is.

Bitesize Group

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