Homelessness Urja Trust | Supporting Young Homeless Women


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URJA is a non-governmental organization that aims at working towards an equitable and inclusive world. It focuses mainly on the rights and needs of homeless young women and helps them to live with dignity.

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Homelessness Urja Trust – Supporting Young Homeless Women

In 2012, Urja opened its first center at Dadar, Mumbai. The small team worked together with an indomitable spirit to fight for the rights and rehabilitation of young women who find themselves homeless. In due course, the outreach programme was initiated whereby the team regularly surveyed railway stations to identity and approach vulnerable women. This allowed Urja to build a very strong network of stakeholders including police, railway officials and lawyers at these places.  

Stepping out of the office and extending support to homeless women have been a crucial part of our outreach endeavour. Dadar, the busiest station in the city is a transit point for many vulnerable young women from different parts of the country. We understand the importance of women not being able to find a safe space by themselves in an unknown city. Therefore, our trained social workers regularly visit Dadar station to identify plausible homeless women and bring them back to Urja.


The immediate crisis that any homeless individual experiences, is the lack of a safe space which only amplifies their fragility.  Immediate shelter can restore a person’s sense of security and stalwartness, thereby acting as a cushion against their mental shock.

The Homelessness Urja Trust – Urja Crisis Shelter, Short Stay and Group Home at Dadar act as the immediate safety net and the first step for their gradual empowerment.


The stories of most homeless women narrate their horrid experiences of physical, emotional or sexual abuse: violence that takes a psychological and physical toll on them. 

We approach health from three perspectives. Mental health is gauged through counselling and therapies. Our counsellor works closely with the girls to understand their emotions, trauma, and aids in the process of cognitive rehabilitation and anger management.

In order to restore their battered bodies into vessels of confidence, recreation, physical fitness, regular health check-ups, medication and nutrition have become critical to our management of their physical and sexual health.

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