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Chef Daniel Patterson
Chefs Biograpahy - Chef Daniel Pattersson
His world famous restaurant Coi has been awarded two Michelin stars and he is one of the most favored and celebrated chefs in his time. However, Daniel's career did did not follow the usual path, although he did begin his career as a dishwasher. The self taught culinary genius who skipped culinary school and opened his first restaurant at the age of 25, is now proud owner of various restaurants in the USA. He is recognized for his keen interest in exploring the mind and the senses and his signature dishes are designed to trigger emotion and memories. His cooking style starts with patronizing local vegetables and adding a modern touch on every food he serves. His love for combining food and writing can be evidenced in his many magazine articles and the book he co authored titled Aroma: The Magic of Essential Oils in Food and Fragrance.rn

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