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Head shot of Chef Chef Atul Cochhar
Chefs Biography - Chef Atul Kochhar
Atul Kochhar is an Indian born, British based chef, restaurateur and television personality. Born in the steel city Jamshedpur, India in 1969, Atul Kochhar migrated to Britain. He can boast of bringing in the Indian style of cooking to Europe and became the second Indian chef to receive a Michelin star in 2001. He was the head chef at the prestigious Queen Street's Tamarind restaurant. His father, who was also in the catering industry, was a great inspiration for him. Atul is also known as ‘Five-minute Chef.' His love for street cooking is no secret. He loves using a variety of spices in his dishes with ginger, chilli, and cardamom as the primary ingredients. This tandoor lover's latest cookery book called ‘Curries of the World' is a sensation.

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