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PhycoHealth nutritional seaweed
PhycoHealth brings you the first seaweed dukkah, so we call if Phukka. An Australian Food Awards GOLD MEDAL product, so you know it tastes great and is exquisitely moreish. Impress your clients with traditional flavours enhanced with our amazing seaweed flavour.

Profile Description

PhycoHealth is Australia’s first food grade seaweed farm and food company.


phyco health inner health

Our seaweed based products are designed for your most discerning clients who look for health and sustainability solutions through food. We are fully integrated from Sea to Service of our unique and exquisitely tasting pantry goods.

PhycoHealth makes seaweed accessible from the pantry shelf, through our range of everyday snacks and shelf stable cereals and pastas. We can offer your clients seaweed for breakfast with PhycoMuesli, snacks with our PhycoBites, PhycoDamia’s and Sea C’s, or healthy and tasty evening meals made with our 10% seaweed and durum semolina pastas. Or dress your table service with our PhycoSalt and Phukka condiments.   

           Phycodamia Nuts

          Phyco Museli

      Phyco Seaweed Bites


Real nutrition through food is important to us, so our products and nutritional value are founded in science. We have a decade of research and development towards the best practice for Australian seaweed production and food formulation. We know how to dose seaweed for nutrition, flavour and safety. The nutritional profile of our seaweed has an unbeatable complete amino acid and protein profile, including B12 and bioavailable iron, so your low meat intake clients will find a solution to their food plate through your offering. But so will everyone. We are most popular for our famous SeaFibre inclusion which has been shown to benefit the human gut microbiome and can be eaten through all of our food products.

As a unique Australian seaweed farm, we produce green seaweeds unlike anything else on the market today. We have worked extensively to learn about our unique Australian food profile and what types of foods work best with it. Our flavour is savoury, a bit like an ocean truffle, and we have partnered that with herbs and ingredients that are suitably sustainable, healthy and tasty. We use cumin in our Phukka, nuts and cinnamon in our PhycoMuesli and PhycoBites, and a touch of wasabi in our PhycoDamias; a favorite at the bar. If the kids are looking for something to snack on and parents want it to be healthy, then they will get hooked on our Sea C’s and the adults will be sharing before you know it.

At PhycoHealth we farm our seaweed by capturing distillery carbon dioxide and nutrients streams, added to south coast seawater and sun. We only release clean seawater and oxygen, and we can grow more protein than a cattle farm and more nutritional potency than a broccoli patch. This is a first for Australia and a first for the world, so be among the game changers to bring this new Australian product to the people.

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