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Kurrajong Kitchen
Entertain in Lavosh
Baked in the Hawkesbury since 1993, our award winning range of flatbreads and breadsticks are yeast free, preservative free and egg free varying in size and flavour to support the entertaining and snacking industry.

Profile Description

Karen & Ben are the proud Australians behind Lavosh – the original.   In 1993, making the original Lavosh bread for cheese platters from their small restaurant in Kurrajong NSW, they decided to market their product to chefs around Australia.

Not only proudly Australian owned and made, Kurrajong Kitchen is a family owned business mentoring the second generation and future of the business, daughter Lorna & son Jack who have grown up living and breathing Lavosh just as passionately as their parents. #cheeseandlavosh

Two decades on, the second generation continues to bake this flatbread in its traditional surrounds of Hawkesbury, NSW using methods displaying unique home baked characteristics. Karen, Ben, Lorna, Jack and their team passionately bring you a new entertaining experience.

From 30 packets per week to 750,000 pieces per day.

Enjoy an entertaining snack experience with Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh.



Traditional Range

Our Traditional range offers a variety pack, “Flatbreads & Breadsticks” perfect for cheeseboards, the pack includes Grissini breadsticks, Sprouted Grain LavoshThinsTM and Poppy & Sesame LavoshBitesTM.

These packs are a perfect choice for restaurants, cafes, corporate events, hospitality, caterers, clubs, hotels and specialty food stores and includes the following range of volumous quantites ….

  • 160g Sprouted Grain Thins
  • 250g Poppy & Sesame LavoshCrackers™
  • 175 g Poppy & Sesame LavoshBites™
  • 150g Grissini Classic Breadsticks
  • 135 g Shepherds Bread ™, a perfect large flatbread for sharing around the table or  your cheeseplater, use with soups, curries or top with a tomato and avocado salsa 

5 packets of kurrajong kitchen crackers


FMCG Range  The NEW Artisan Crispbread™ Range

We select simple ingredients from the pantry to bring you our range of Artisan Crispbreads™. Mindful nutritional choices full of sprouted grains, seeds and fruits baked for your wholesome goodness. Try our….. Sprouted grain with Pear & Cranberry paired with goat’s cheese, brie or feta….. Sprouted grain & Flaxseed with blue cheese and….. the Original Poppy & Sesame will be amazing with any topping.  For more topping ideas visit our website

selection of kurrajong kitchen crispbreads

LavoshBites™ are the perfect entertaining and snack cracker for your cheeseboard. Enjoy with your favourite dip or just as a snack.

They come in a variety of flavours; Rosemary & Sea Salt, Caramelized Onion & Sea Salt, Sharp Cheddar and the Original Poppy & Sesame.

boxes of crisbreads


Our New CRUNCH™ Range

Along with our LavoshThins™ the new Crunch™ range are an excellent choice for dips and cheeseboards. Our long thin cracker is perfect for all kinds of topping.

Our Award Winning LavoshThins™ 

This range comes in 2 flavours, Caramelized Onion & Sea Salt and Rosemary and Sea Salt. The long thin cracker is perfect for all kinds of entertaining and snacking. 

Low in calories, low in fat, low in sodium, the LavoshThins™ range is a healthy alternative to regular crisps and baked crackers.

2 boxes of lavosh crunch range crackers




Food Service Industry

We offer solutions for the food service industry to meet clients needs.

Our capabilities allow us to offer our product in various formats, pack sizes and flavours.

Overseas enquiries welcomed.


 Contact Details              

Kurrajong Kitchen Pty Ltd

Unit 4, 53 Argyle Street,

South Windsor NSW 2756

Ph: +61 2 4577 4308


Kurrajong Kitchen Logo


Visit our website for the full range of our products and recipe ideas.

assorted charcuterie on a serving board



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