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Joseph’s Corner was established as a not-for-profit charitable organisation in response to the community's need for free counselling and support for families and friends of those living with alcohol or drug addiction.

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Joseph’s Corner is a not for profit service providing free counseling and and support for families

living with drug and alcohol addiction          CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Joseph’s Corner , Drug and alcohol support group was established in 2000, opening its doors in 2001. It is a project of the Westgate Deanery, Catholic Church, covering the parishes of Altona, Altona North, Hoppers Crossing, Kingsville, Laverton, Newport, Spotswood, Werribee, Yarraville and Williamstown.

Joseph’s Corner was established as a not-for-profit charitable organisation in response to the community’s need for free counselling and support for families and friends of those living with alcohol or drug addiction.It has been incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act and the Board of Management meets monthly.

Joseph’s Corner’s head office is located in Yarraville, with two further counselling sites in Hoppers Crossing and Laverton.

Joseph’s Corner has been successfully led by Sister Jeanne Dwyer since its inception, where she oversees the daily running of all operations and services of the organisation, including the volunteers, counsellors and administration staff.



Joseph’s Corner will work with the community to assist in dealing with the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use.
Joseph’s Corner will work with and care for families and friends of drug and alcohol users, by providing support services free of charge.



The core values espoused by Joseph’s Corner mirror those of Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop and are reflected in all we do.
We operate with:
and Dignity.
We provide a supportive, safe and confidential environment, with a strong sense of human worth for all.
We work in partnership and collaboration with our communities.




To provide support to families and friends in stress and crisis.
To provide appropriate ongoing support services, free of charge, to enable families and friends to cope and manage their difficult situation.
To operate successfully Joseph’s Corner relies on volunteers to assist with administrative duties and the general running of the three counselling sites in Yarraville, Hoppers Crossing and Laverton.

To fund the running costs of the three counselling centres and to finance the employment of the counsellors, Joseph’s Corner relies totally on donations and fundraising. It is a yearly challenge to operate Joseph’s Corner, as donations and funds raised activities are unpredictable and uncertain.




Individual and Family Counselling, with qualified counsellors
Group Support Sessions
Free Educational Workshops
Referral Information and Services
Networking with relevant  Government and non-Government agencies


All adults and families of substance abusers that have accessed Joseph’s Corner have received relevant counselling and/or other support services, free of charge.

Within one working day of a client referral, the client is contacted.

Within 7 working days of a client’s referral that has been accepted, the client commences counselling sessions and/or other support services.

All volunteers have been efficiently timetabled and allocated to the various areas throughout a calendar year, to support Joseph’s Corner’s mission to provide high quality counselling and provided to volunteers.

Counsellors and volunteers have continued to organise and/or facilitate at least 40 support group meetings per calendar year, to meet the needs of adults and families in difficult situations.

Currently three counsellors are operating. These counsellors have continued to accept a maximum number of referrals per week according to their time fraction:

  1. a) 0.6 Counsellor sees up to 12 clients per week
  2. b) 0.4 Counsellor sees up to 8 clients per week
  3. c) Counsellor appointed 3 hours per week sees 1 client per week.



Whilst Joseph’s Corner appreciates there are a number of worthy not-for-profit organisations, it is a yearly challenge to secure financial donations for Joseph’s Corner to cover the costs of wages for employees.

It is a yearly challenge to maintain a consistent number of volunteers that the organisation depends on to operate as a much drug and alcohol support group

It is a continuous challenge to meet the affordability to employ the number of counsellors to match the number of referrals received.


Engage a paid Executive Officer to expand and develop Joseph’s Corner.

Increase counselling hours and provide a wider range of services to meet the needs of clients/referrals, and to provide additional support by offering workshop activities and/or introductory courses in small group situatio

Increase the level of philanthropic and business support for the organisation.


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