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Non For Profit support groups and organizations play a vital role in helping the millions who are in need of various levels of support, and to show that there are people who do care. Hospitality Charities is committed to providing awareness for global non for profit charities in the hospitality industry

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Hospitality Charities – A genuine Global Platform committed to helping raise awareness to Non For Profit Charity Organisations.

Now more than ever before the world is called upon to assist one another with support for mental health and wellbeing, the homeless, the hungry the destitute, and those who are out of work and in need.

Hospitality Charities is a special part of the Global interactive websites Hospitality Chain, Leisure Chain and World Freight Direct.

The Industries of Hospitality Leisure and Tourism have been hit hard during these unforeseen times and these industries urgently need our help.

Non For Profit support groups and organizations play a vital role in helping the millions who are in need of various levels of support, and to show that there are people who do care. Our mission is to act as a Global Platform connecting the industries of hospitality, leisure, tourism, freight, and logistics, along with global philanthropy in assisting these Non For Profit charities.

Beginning with food and water wastage, the World needs to work together to put an end to poverty. It is estimated that 1/3 of the World’s food is being wasted. There are many food banks and soup kitchens that would gratefully receive these food sources and disperse them where they are needed most.

We encourage freight and logistics companies to donate the movement of food, clothing, and high yields of grain and other produce to the places of need. Many of these food sources are dumped due to overproduction, faulty packaging or nearing their use-by date.

A leisure company or activity, that may provide a place of peace fun and harmony for people living a life of despair and hardship.

To help those who have devoted their lives to entertain others. Those in Theatre, Circus, Musicians, Dancers and Sportsmen and Women who now find themselves jobless and in despair.

All walks of life are suffering and desperately need our help NOW.

Please look at our various Global Hospitality Charities and directly connect with them if you can assist with donations, in-kind, and for any professional services/experience that you or your company may have to offer.


We the Directors of Expat Deli Pty Ltd, owners and founders of Hospitality Chain, Leisure Chain, World Freight Direct do not profit from, nor receive any benefits from the charities listed on HospitalityCharities.Com. We self-fund this Global Hospitality Charities portal in order to raise awareness to the various global charities and to connect them with potential supporters and sponsors. does not favour any of the charities listed or has any direct involvement in the running of the organization. We are purely a Global platform for those in need to search and contact directly the organisation that best suits their need. Hospitality sole purpose is to connect those in need with charities and the charities that need funding by way of donation to keep them operating

To the best of our knowledge, the charities listed on these pages are genuinely Non For Profit organizations and support groups. In the event, you become aware of an organization listed on our pages that is profiting for self-purpose we encourage you to kindly notify us immediately.

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