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Dominating the southern half of South America is the 8th largest country in the world – Argentina. Bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean, Argentina’s 2,780,400 km2 of land stretches vertically along the continent. The Spanish-speaking country with gaucho culture is a wonderland for nature lovers.


The snow-capped peaks, majestic falls, dramatic deserts, forests and lakes are home to a vast variety of spectacular wildlife. Nature aside, visitors are drawn to Argentina’s street tango, soccer fanaticism, the aroma of a brewing matte tea and the mouth-watering asados (grill meats) .


The history of Argentinian viticulture and wine can be traced back to the Spanish colonization era back in the mid 16th century. Cuttings from the Central Valley of Chile were brought over by father Juan Cedrón and planted in the soil of Argentina. San Juan and Mendoza are some of the oldest wine regions in the country.Read More


Today, the country boasts over 2000 wineries, offering not only wine products but also an array of complementing hospitality services and activities such as vineyard lodging, wine tours and tasting, and a complete gastronomy experience.


A comparative newcomer on the international wine map, Argentina, only a bit player in the export market up to the mid-1990’s, has emerged from obscurity to become the world’s fifth biggest wine producer. Owing to the mountainous terrain of the wine growing districts in Argentina, overnight temperatures are low enough to give well flavored, deeply coloured grapes for red wine, and in the cooler areas, especially in the north, aromatic whites.


Argentina’s enviable diversity of grape varieties include the deep coloured Bonarda, the country’s second most planted red wine grape, and Malbec, a popular red grown in dominant wine province of Mendoza. Other widely grown grapes for ‘fine white wine’ are Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris and Mendoza’s emblematic white, Semillion.


The vast majority of Argentine Wines Production takes place at the foothills of the famous Andes with the wine region of Mendoza being the country’s leading wine producer. This region produces more than two-thirds of Argentine Wines and is by far the most renowned.


Argentina is blessed with excellent grape growing conditions. Not only that it shares a similar distance from the equator to that of premier viticulture regions such as France and Italy, but it also has an additional advantage thanks to its dry climate. These, combined with high altitude, means the vineyards rarely encounter the typical problems regularly impact vineyards in other countries the likes of parasites, molds and vine diseases. Consequently, the production of the recently in high demand organic wines is possible here due to minimal or no pesticides required.


Browse our pages to find out more about the wine regions in Argentina and its wineries where you can source the most extensive selection of premium Argentinian wines. Read descriptions about winemakers in Argentina, their philosophies and wine characters. You will find contact details of these wine producers for direct inquiry, wine order, vineyards visit with wine tasting or organizing a winery getaway.Read Less

DISCLAIMER: Anyone searching this site must be of legal drinking age. Alcohol must be consumed in moderation. All attempts have been made to accurately display wineries in their regions, in case of any discrepancies please contact us to correct any errors.

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