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Snow Skiing Snowboarding


Snow Skiing Snowboarding are some of the most popular winter recreational sports to be enjoyed in countries that have suitable mountains and snow conditions. Although modern skiing has a beginning in Scandinavia, a number of interpretation of ancient rock paintings have suggested that it might have been practised in central Asia’s Altai region more than 5000 years ago. Some of the best skiing and snowboarding destinations are Canada, France, Austria and Switzerland.  


Here at, we have further classified our listings into three categories: Skiing and Snowboarding Trails, Mountaineering-Snow Trekking and Snowlodging and Chalets. Use our country filter and interactive maps to help you refine your search for the perfect winter holiday escape. Browse our Skiing and Snowboarding trails for all snow skiing and snowboarding trail information. It is important to get to know your ski and snowboard area, its snow and mountain conditions, types of trails and accessibility when planning your ski holiday trip. Click on one of the ski trail that may be of interest to you for a summary description of the area, location, address and a link to its website. The ski and snowboarding websites offer route information, trail map with details, snow pass prices and other details such as how to get there and parking facilities. Often ski and snowboarding schools are also be found in these websites, offering various skiing and snowboarding lessons tailored to different levels.  


If Skiing and snowboarding are not for you, there are many winter tours and activities that can be enjoyed while your loved ones are skiing away. Our Mountaineering and Snow Trekking category boasts adventure companies offering a variety of winter (and non-winter) outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for a mountain guide service for winter mountaineering, snow trekking, glacier climbing or a snowmobile adventure, there’s something for everyone. Private tours can also be organized, offering a full package experience which includes guide, accommodation, meals and transport.  


Last but not least, browse our Snowlodging and Chalets for your winter holiday accommodation needs. From rooms in a bed-and-breakfast establishment to luxury mountain chalets with outdoor heated Jacuzzi, personal fine dining chefs and chauffeur, there are endless choices of snowlodging and chalets from around the world to suit your preference and budget.

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