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River Activities and Adventures

For travelers who love scenic landscapes, new cultures, and treasures; river activities and adventures should be on your itinerary when visiting a new destination. Whether you are after a relaxing cruise or seeking doses of adrenaline, featured among our pages are river tours and activities that can be tailored to suit your preference and budget.


Luxury River Cruises. Get on board a luxury river cruise and treat yourself to a tranquil and picturesque journey down a gentle river. River tours take you to some remote places unreachable by other methods of transportation where you can appreciate your favorite destination from a unique perspective. Depending on how much there is to see and time you have, river cruises can range from a few hours sightseeing to days (or even weeks) of full river experience holiday.

Different themes of tours can also be customized to showcase the best features, places of interest, and the river landscapes of a region. For history and cultural buffs, for example, a river cruise along the Nile River on a luxury riverboat or a traditional felucca is a must. Catch the breeze as you wind down the longest river in Africa (arguably in the world) while you spot deserts, archaeological treasures, ancient ruins, and rustic hamlets along the way. While in Europe, why not take a half-day boat tour through Portugal’s pristine Douro region and combine it with a port wine tasting? For a touch of romanticism, cruising the Rhine river is an excellent choice. There are options to drift on the mythical canals of Amsterdam, glide past the Black Forest of fairytales in Germany, or cruise to Central Europe for its historic sights, art, culture, and exquisite cuisines.


Canoeing, Kayaking, and River Rafting. With 1,427 “notable rivers” scattering across the world, there’s no lack of places for some river adventure such as canoeing, kayaking, or river rafting. These watersports are perfect for adventurous travelers who want to take sports with them while on holiday. Nothing beats the sensation of dashing down a turbulent stream as astonishing sceneries flashed by along the way.

For the most transparent waters in the world, head to Slovenia for its Soča river. The French Alps is a spectacular kayak and canoeing destination adorned with pristine mountains, clear waters, and of course, delicious pastries. For river adventures with a cultural touch, Nepal is a great country offering half-day to multi-day expeditions in its Everest region. The Colorado River ranks high on water rafting enthusiasts’ bucket list. Famed for its iconic Grand Canyon, this 446 km river is a massive nature playground for outdoor lovers. It will take over two weeks to discover its beauty fully.

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