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Poultry Chicken Suppliers:


Poultry Suppliers ranks second in the world’s consumption of meat. The most common types of poultries are chickens, ducks, turkeys and quails. Chicken is the most bred poultry, with over 50 billion birds farmed worldwide for their meats and eggs. Derived from Latin word pullus, it can be defined as domesticated birds kept by the human for their flesh, eggs and feathers, its history can be traced back to several thousand years ago.  


As for birds hunted in the wild for consumption such as pheasants and squabs, these are considered game meat and can be found in our game meat suppliers section. Together with eggs, poultry plays an important part in our daily meals. It provides high protein, low fat (compared to its red meat counterparts), and high minerals such as zinc and iron that is best absorbed by the human body.  


Here at Hospitality Chain, we have divided our poultry – chicken suppliers into three easy-to-browse sections namely Chicken, Duck-Turkey-Goose and Eggs. Whether you are retailer-chain requiring bulk or pre-processed poultry products, or a 3-star Michelin restaurant with very specific requirements on your poultry ingredients,  you can be sure to find poultry suppliers who can tailor to your needs. You will find the latest offers and information on our poultry – chicken suppliers which consist of poultry farms, wholesalers, importer and exporters of poultry products. Processed poultry products such as chicken souvlaki, turkey meatballs and oak-smoked duck breasts are also available. In recent years, as the poultry market continues to grow, so is consumers’ awareness of the quality of their food and welfare of the animals.  


Our poultry – chicken suppliers directory also features smaller farms who practice free-range, natural, humane and sustainable poultry farming techniques that adhere to the highest industry standards. These include organic breeders that do not use antibiotics or hormones on their birds and eggs.

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