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Today, modern diets comprise an alarming high portion of refined and processed food. Many food products that we consume on a daily basis such as pasta, bread, pizza and cakes contain a high amount of gluten, a type of protein typically found in wheat, barley and rye. Other instances of soups, sausages and ready-meal, might also carry gluten.  


For individuals sensitive to gluten, over-consumption of food containing it results in gluten intolerance, which is increasingly reported with symptoms ranging from mild abdominal bloating, hives and rash to the more dangerous conditions such as difficulty in breathing. Patients with Coeliac disease are also advised by their health care provider to practice a gluten-free diet. It is therefore important to examine the labels when shopping for a gluten-free product.  


However, it is worth noting that even if a product is labelled “wheat-free”, it might still contain gluten. In the Gluten Free setion of our directory, we feature a wide selection of Gluten Free products and suppliers from around the world. From delicious pastries to dairy product and sauces, you will never be short of gluten-free ingredients and food to stock up your shelves.  As our society is becoming more mindful of how the food they eat affects their body, so is our awareness of how the food is produced. Organic food – Organic Beverages are produced by practising ecological farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides, additives, hormones and genetically modified organism (GMOs). This method is also kinder to the environment and to the livestock. Moreover, research shows that organic food contains more vitamins, minerals, omega-3, and most of all, taste better than their non-organic counterpart. Navigating the maze of products in the market can be time-consuming and confusing which is why we have compiled a detailed list of Organic Food and Organic Beverages categories to ease your search. From ecological farmers offering the freshest meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables to speciality shops with a wide selection of pure and organic food products and ingredients, you will find dedicated organic food suppliers to meet your every organic food requirements.

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