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Premium Meat Game Suppliers  

Here at Hospitality Chain, we offer a comprehensive directory of meat and game suppliers from around the globe. Whether you are a retailer-chain looking for a bulk supply of meat and game, or a gourmet restaurant looking for premium meat with a specific cut, you are bound to find suppliers that are able to accustom to your requirements at competitive prices and efficient service. Beef, veal, lamb and pork are the most commonly-sourced meats for home-cooking, retail and restaurants. With the advancement of logistics and refrigeration technology, nowadays one can source the best meats from every corner of the globe.  For example, Argentinian beef, New Zealand lamb and Spanish Iberian pork are supplied to restaurants, hotels and resorts around the world.  


A favourite among foodies is the super tender Japanese wagyu beef from cattle that are genetically modified to produce meat with intense marbling and a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Wild game meat has recently gained popularity not only for its unique and rich taste, but also due to its high protein content and nutrtional value, while being leaner and lower in fat than farmed meat. If you are looking to lose weight or build muscle, many fitness experts will recommend a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Within our directory,  you will be able to source a wide selection of game meats, ranging from the more common types such as venison, rabbit, quail and buffalo to the more exotic varieties of kangaroo, crocodile, wild boar, emu, camel, possum and wallaby.  


Our meat and game suppliers are categorised into 4 main categories: Beef and Veal, Lamb, Pork and Game Meat. Depending on your preference, there are suppliers that offer sources of meat from animals that are farmed, free range, grass fed or wild harvested. Furthermore, the meat you purchase can be customised to different cuts and packaging tailored to your culinary and business preferences.  


For premium meat and game suppliers that source and prepare the animals according to the Islamic and Jewish laws, we have dedicated special sections for kosher and halal products.

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