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Many people believe that Kosher Foods are food that are “blessed by a rabbi”. In fact, the Hebrew word “Kosher” means “suitable” and “appropriate” for a Jew to consume. There are a number of guidelines in the Torah which govern what is and what is not Kosher Food. There are three main categories of Kosher Product or Food: meat, dairy and pareve.  


For meat to be considered Kosher, it must be derived from Kosher animals. For land animals, the Torah specifies these animals must have split hooves and chew their cuds. Examples of animals that are considered “pure” are ox, sheep, goat and deer while the opposite applies to pig, camel and hare. For sea creatures, only fish that have fins and removable scales is considered Kosher. As for birds, predatory species such as eagle is not to be eaten. The consumption of blood is forbidden and there are also strict rules pertaining to the slaughtering and preparation of meat for it to be considered Kosher.  


Dairy products in Kosher’s terms are milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt and any food products which contains even a slight hint of dairy. To be certified Kosher, these dairy products must be derived from a Kosher animal, prepared with Kosher ingredients and free from meat derivatives such as gelatine of animal origin. In addition, meat and dairy products are not deemed Kosher if both are cooked and consumed together. In fact, the Torah has repeatedly forbidden the cooking of a baby goat in its mother’s milk.  


Pareve, are food outside the meat and dairy categories. Pareve includes a wide range of food products such as eggs, fruits and vegetables, spices, pastries, tea and coffee, and more. Egg, for example, is not Kosher if contains traces of blood. As for fruits and vegetables, the presence of non-kosher animals such as small insects and larvae makes it not pure and should be removed prior to consumption. As a general rule of thumb, to be certified Kosher, all food products must be prepared, processed and packed using machinery and utensils that are not contaminated by non-Kosher items.   For your peace of mind, you can buy kosher foods from suppliers featured in this global diretory. We have brought to you an extensive list of carefully selected Kosher Products suppliers from around the world, on the one dedicated platform. The section is further divided into appropriate categories to ease your search.

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