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Hotel Resorts Suppliers Services

Hospitality Chain offers a free Hotel Resorts Suppliers Services directory with links to the suppliers so you can expect faster outcome through direct contact with them. This section is divided into 5 hospitality product and service categories to help refine your search. Furniture, décor and ambience determine the attractiveness of your hotel. Apart from the location, price and amenities, it is one of the main criteria a guest looks at when choosing a hotel. Whether you are a budget hotel looking for simple and practical furniture, or a 5-star beach resort looking to order bespoke luxury beach beds that compliments the resort’s theme, we feaure thousands of Hotel -Resorts Suppliers – Services that can fulfill your requirements and budget.  


Browse our Booking System and POS category for companies offering technical, hardware and software solutions for your reservation management and operational needs. We offer an extensive list of reservation software and POS specialists who are able to tailor their software, products and services to the requirements of hotels, cafes and restaurants.  


Our Bedding-Linen category features manufacturers, distributors and retailers of hospitality and commercial linen products. Browse a wide range of bed linen, bath linen, table linen and textile accessories for hotels, SPAs and restaurants. Specialty linens for healthcare industries are also available. Furthermore, we have a separate Chef Clothing and Apparel suppliers category for chefs, managers, hosts and cleaners. These are complemented by an extensive choice of safety and functional accessories. These linen and Chef Apparel products can be purchased standard or personalised according to your specifications such as materials, colours and logo.  


Last but not least, browse our Waste Management listings for suppliers offering various waste management services and sanitary products for hotels, restaurants and healthcare sectors. The waste management services include professional cleaning as well as domestic and commercial waste disposal. Using smart technology, these companies are able to help your businesses turn out a more sustainable and integrated waste management plan.

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