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Hospitality Career Classes and Courses


In any profession, to stay ahead of the game one has to continue learning and improving his skills, same applies to the hospitality industry. Whether you find yourself in between jobs, aiming for the next promotion or simply interested in adding new skills under your belt, we have a special section of Hospitality Career Classes and Courses on our website.  


Cooking and Barista Classes are typically short in duration, ranging from a half day to a couple of weeks long. These classes are generally more on the practical side, with a smaller teacher-student ratio, hands-on teaching approach and usually focusing on a specific set of skills. Some of the cooking and barista classes offered here include coffee and cocktail making courses, French pastry or cooking classes and those of a particular genre such as Thai cooking or sushi making lessons.  


For those wanting to take their culinary skills and qualification up a level, we have the Hospitality Culinary Schools category with listings of hospitality institutions, schools and universities. Depending on your preference and learning objective, these organisations such as Le Cordon Bleu or the Gelato University, offer a mix of short, medium to long-term courses with certification upon completion.  


If you are interested in mastering the art of wine crafting or become a certified wine sommelier, we have prepared a special category called The Sommelier Wine Making Courses. Also short-term in nature, this type of courses consist of a mix of theory, tasting and demonstrations by a lecturer, and customarily come in staged certification where candidates need to pass an exam at the end of each level of certification.  


Culinary and wine skills aside, hospitality management skills are equally important for individual wanting to thrive in the hospitality industry. We have compiled separate listings under the category of Event Management and Hotel Management Courses where you can browse institutions offering such courses. Thanks to the Internet and video conference technology, some of these courses are available online, making it accessible to even more learners from anywhere in the world.

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