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Grassfed Organc Meat
Queensland Australia

Supplying Australia with the highest quality fresh organic meat. Product range includes grassed beef, Wagyu beef, Black Angus Beef, Premium Tasmanian and Sovereign lamb, Free Range Pork, Nitrate Fee Sausages and Bacon. The finest restaurant.

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Erin Valley Elk
Toronto Ontario Canada

Suppliers of quality wild game meat to chefs, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers, world-wide. The range includes Canadian Elk, alligator, bison, camel and kangaroo and certified organic beef.

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Wild Meat Company
Suffolk England

Suppliers of a wide range of freshly prepared game meat including diced game, wild duck, pheasant, partridge, wild rabbit and wild boar. Directly from Suffolk to your door.

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Colorado Elk & Game Meat
Colorado USA

Suppliers of a variety of Elk meat products including primal cuts, jerky, summer sausages and meat sticks. The Elk are domesticated in ecologically sound, humane and natural conditions.

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Campbells meats
Lathallan Linlithgow Scotland

Traditional butchered cut premium meats sourced from the finest Scottish farms. Supplying to five star Hotels Restaurants & the general public across the United Kingdom and Europe

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the venison company
Durbanville Western Cape South Africa

Suppliers to the South African Hospitality industry with the regions finest game meats. Kudu and Eland Meat, Gemsbok, Warthog, Ostrich, Impala, Crocodile, and Rabbit and Duck Meats

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Premium Game Meat Supplier
Blenheim New Zealand

Suppliers of a variety of high quality wild game meats including venison, wild pork, goat, hare, rabbit and wallaby to restaurants and select super markets in New Zealand.

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amir spain meat exporters
Salamamca Spain Europe

Spanish exporter of Game Meat, Poultry, Pork Cuts, Offal, Sausages, Hams and various raw meat materials. Members of the Spanish Meat Association and supplying to regular world wide customers.

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Portland Oregon USA

Purveyors of fine gourmet meats and gourmet meat product. Supping rabbit, quail, fallow venison, Northwest elk, water buffalo, emu and bison to chefs and epicureans across the USA

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Boonton NJ USA

Offering a unique variety of game meat that are all natural and free of growth hormones. Their selection of the finest exotic meats include ostrich meat, buffalo meat and Iberico de Bellota Pork.

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Ingram Texas USA

Purveyors of artisan free range wild meats such as venison, deer, wild boar, antelope and Diamond H Ranch Bandera Quail. Supplying to caterers, chefs ,restaurants and food professionals

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Del Norte Colorado USA

Supplying the finest quality USDA approved premium specialty game meats such as Buffalo meat, Goat Meat and Deer meat. Their range extends to Whitetail meat, Halibut, salmon and jerky

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Kentucky USA

Game Bird hatchery producing over a million eggs each year from their poultry variety that includes quails, pheasants, and chukar partridges. They are an approved USA NPIP eggs supplier supplying to local and international markets.

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Eagle Farm Qld Australia

Supplying Kangaroo meat products to local and international markets. High in protein and low in fat content Kangaroo meat can be made into sausages, goulash and is available in a variety of cuts

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Cairngorm Mountains Scotland

Licensed venison and game meats processor supplying the retailers and the hospitality industry fresh local wild Scottish venison and small game meat products

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Berwickshire Scotland

While they sell all types of meats, their exotic meats are the hot sellers. The large exotic meat collection includes ostrich, kangaroo, camel, bison, and zebra meat. rnrnrnrn

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Adelaide South Australia

Supplier of Free Range Camel Meat Beef, Poultry, and a full range of Offals. Samex Peterborough is an Export Registered Establishment through the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry.

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Canwood Canada

Natural Bison raised by Western Canadian Co Op members ans supplying premium bison products to local and international markets. Range includes burgers, bison meatballs stips ground and rib eye. Halal prepared and certified

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Adelaide Sth Aust Australia

Specializing in the supply of open range game meats: pork goat rabbit hare game birds . Supplying 100% natural organic kangaroo and kangaroo sausages

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Kyogel NSW Australia

Quality bred Australian rabbits supplied in various cuts cryovac packed, supplying to Restaurants, Hospitality Industry and International Markets markets

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