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Fruit & Vegetables Suppliers


Although the benefits of eating a diet high in fruit & vegetables has been widely published throughout the modern world, evidence today point towards the fact that most of us do not eat enough fruit and vegetables. We know that these natural products are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants; and are shown to help protect against many chronic diseases. Yet according to the world health organization 1.7 million deaths worldwide can be attributed to low fruit and vegetable consumption. Furthermore insufficient intake of these fibrous products is estimated to cause “ around 14% of gastrointestinal cancer deaths, about 11% of ischaemic heart disease deaths and about 9% of stroke deaths.” Readily available and in abundance throughout most major countries, there really is no excuse for not increasing our consumption of such nutritional products. Whilst our world is vast expanding over 500 million kilometers, it is at the same time a very small world. Due to rapid development, modern industrial and technological advancement, we can now get products shipped from most corners of the world in less than 24 hours and often sooner. This means that we have access to fresh yet seasonal, frozen or hydrated products from all around the world any time of the year. Here at Hospitality Chain we have selected the worlds premium fruit & veg wholesalers Supplier for you to choose from and enjoy all year round. Here you can find suppliers of every type of fruit and vegetable that the world has to offer. For all your transport and logistics needs be sure to visit our WORLD FREIGHT DIRECTORY PAGES  where you will find transport solutions for all your local national or International logistics and warehousing needs

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