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Amsterdam Nethelands

Learn the story of how a small Dutch brewery became the world’s most renowned brand of beer. The world of the Heineken museum allows you to experience through all the senses. Feel the hops, taste the wort, and smell the.

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Toruń Poland

The Living Museum of Gingerbreads in Toruń is the first so interactive museum in Europe. It has existed since 2006 and it is located at 9 Rabiańska street, in the middle of the city center (199 steps from The Nicolas.

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Bruges Belgium
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Halle (Saale) Germany
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Northampton MA United States of America
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Nava Asturias Spain
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St. Stephen NB Canada
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Birmingham England United Kingdom
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Gukeng Taiwan
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Atlanta GA United States of America
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Hershey PA United States of America
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Göttinger Germany
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Dublin Ireland United Kingdom
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