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Generally speaking confectionery can be categorized by two forms. These are either bakers confections or sugar confections. Bakers confections refer to sweet pastries and cakes and are popular favourite treats throughout the middle east . Sugar confections usually refer to sweets made primarily from sugar such as chocolate, lollies, candies and coated nuts. Chocolate is by far the most popular confectionery and is enjoyed the world over by almost every culture. The prime ingredient of chocolate – cacao is made from the cacao tree and can be traced back to pre 1900 BC – to the people of Mexico and Guatemala. During this period the Aztecs and Maya drank the cacao beverage often referred to as bitter water due to the seeds of the cacao tree being extremely bitter.  


The process of producing chocolate is an interesting one as initially the cacao seeds must be fermented to produce flavour . The beans must be dried cleaned and roasted and ground to cocoa mass. They are then heated and liquefied in order to become chocolate liquor and then compressed into cocoa butter and cocoa solids to eventually produce chocolate, as we know it.  


Throughout our confectionery pages you can find links to the worlds best suppliers from whom you can buy premium confectionery ranging from chocolate to sweets and candies whilst learning about all the exquisite unique treats enjoyed by the different cultures of the world

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