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Yoga and Wellness Retreats Going on a retreat is a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind and soul.  Among the various types of Yoga and Wellness Retreats listed on our pages. some are spiritually based which incorporate meditation and prayers, while others are mind and body related. Often, a retreat boasts a balanced mix of these and blends in time for solitude and community experience.

Yoga and meditation retreats have been gaining much popularity in recent years for their psychological and physical benefits. Yoga helps improve balance, flexibility, and strength while meditation is great for stress and anxiety relief. Attending a yoga retreat allows one to immerse fully in the practice.

Our Yoga and Wellness Retreats section is inspired by the many authentic retreats being offered around the world.  You can refine your search by using our country and category filters and interactive maps.  On offer is an extensive list of retreat centers with assorted packages and price points.  From a yoga and meditation program in a monastery at the foothill of the Himalayas to a luxury retreat amidst beautiful settings with sea views, the choices are endless. 

Some Yoga and Meditation retreat centers also integrate a number of outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, horse riding, and much more into their retreat plans. For those who want to focus more on body and wellness, browse our Health, Fitness, and Wellbeing category for ideas. Whether you are after a fitness boot camp to fast-track your weight loss, a health retreat to build healthier living habits, or simply, a blissful retreat with massages and body treatments, you will find retreat centers that can tailor to your personal needs.  Once you have found a retreat that fits your preference, simply click on its profile for more information and direct contact details.


Across the Globe, Cosmetic, and Anti Aging Holidays are becoming more and more popular among those wanting to take a few years off their chronological age. These forms of retreats range from extensive and invasive beauty, body and face treatments to teeth restoration, colonic irrigation, and thalassotherapy. Visit our pages to select the one that best suits you


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