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beloka premium water
Sydney New South Wales Australia
Pristine. Australian Water. Switch to Beloka and enjoy the finest, mineral rich and pristine water from the heart of the Snowy Mountains.
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numen premium water
Toledo Spain
Aguamancha is the producer of bottled Numen premium water collected from the springs of Montes de Toledo mountains. Itu2019s a fine combination of high quality, low mineralization water with fashion and luxuriousness.
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Uki NSW Australia
Pure Organic Spring Water supplied in both still and sparkling varieties. Drawn from protected underground springs on the East Coast of Australia.
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London England
Multi-award winner Fever Tree uses quinine from the Rwanda Congo border, spring water and botanical flavors in producing its range of exquisite Indian Tonic waters - free of arti...
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Cable Town Tasmania Australia
Pure and natural rainwater captured at the edge of the world. Collected by a custom designed catchment facility this water never touches the ground, leaving it free of chemicals, hormones and preservatives.
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Daylesford Victoria Australia
Bottlers and Distributors of premium quality mineral water. Supply includes stilled and a variety of sparkling flavors such as lemon, orange and passion fruit , pink grapefruit , apple and chinotto.
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Manitoba Canada
Manufacturers of bottled water including Sparkling and Still and a range that is organic and naturally-flavored. The products are bottled in echo-conscious glass bottles.
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Pro-life, an AVA Silver Award winner in 2010, produces clean and pure drinking water boosted with oxygen for the benefits of natural cleansing of human body system and flushing out of toxins.
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Cape Town South Africa
Cape Karoou2019s premium spring water is sourced from the Paardeberg mountains with pleasant Total Dissolved Solids of 190 and neutral pH of 7.2. This superior quality water comes in still, sparkling and 4 delicious flavors.rnrn
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Boulogne Billancourt France
Winner of 2013 Janus de l'Industrie for its 'Pure' range, Castalie constantly strive for fresh tasting water with minimal impact on the environment through recyclable glass-bottled and eco-friendly micro filtration equipment.rnrn
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San Carlos Uruguay
Aguas del Sur is a small artisan water bottling company in Uruguay, a country ranked 3rd on environment sustainability. It's still and sparkling waters are available in 3 premium brands: PUREST, Y-BERA and AQUA A.
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Michigan USA
Founded in 1908, Absopure has been providing homes, stores and businesses with its daily taste-tested fine water. Its product range includes: bottled water in various fills, water coolers and dispenser, and filteration systems.rnr...
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Perthshire Scotland
Highland Spring sources its pure spring water from a protected organic land in Ochil Hills,Scotland. This household brand offers still, sparkling and country range - sparkling water deliciously infused with home-grown fruits.
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Botany New South Wales Australia
Premium Australian Spring water, 100% natural and bacteria-free, collected fresh and pure from natural springs at Mangrove Mountain on the central coast of New South Wales. It has a smooth silky taste with no after taste.
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Mumbai India
Each drop of this Himalayan mineral water is filtered by natural layers of rocks and sands for 20 years before being sourced at the foothills of the Himalayas mountains. Accredited internationally for its health properties.
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Dubai United Arab Emirates
Oasis Water earned several accreditations and Sheikh Khalifa awards for their quality and consumer satisfaction. It's Oasis still water brand ia distributed country-wide, while its Blu flavorsome sparkling waters are calorie, suga...
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Souroti Thessaloniki Greece
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