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Theme Parks – Amusement Parks

Theme parks are very popular all around the world. With countless attractions, fun rides, games, parades, shows, and food, these amusement parks have been entertaining their visitors for over a century. The origin of theme and amusement parks can be traced back to the nomad and periodic fairs back in the middle ages. Since the first fixed establishment of Sea Lion Park in Coney Island Brooklyn in 1895, amusement parks have transformed into something permanent, modern, and creative.

Visiting an amusement park is one of the must-dos in one’s holiday checklist, especially for a family vacation; there are many reasons why it should be. Upon entering a theme park, you are stepping into a whole different world to escape stress as you scream your lungs out on one of the exhilarating rollercoasters. Whether you want to conquer your fears, challenge your buddies, burn some calories, or simply have a great time bonding with your families or friends, the amusement park is a classic choice that is failproof.

Apart from the classic and animated theme parks, our website also features untypical amusement centers. Get your mind tricked at the A Maze’N Things in the Phillip Islands in Australia. Adults and children are bound to be amused by the enticing magic tricks, head-scratching optical illusions, and various fun maze and puzzles that will keep visitors enthralled for hours.

Fantawild group in China boasts over 20 theme parks across the country that combines culture with innovative technologies. The Fantawild Oriental Heritage and Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland are some of the examples where elements of history, culture, and tales are incorporated into its various exciting and interactive activities through the use of special effects, films, animations, and themed performances. Silk Road Dreamland, for example, offers 45 theme rides that allow you to discover the ancient trade route in a day via live shows and augmented reality technology.

Located in the southern region of Tenerife of Canary Islands,  Siam Park is ranked the world’s number one water theme park in the world by Trip Advisor. With a year-round warm climate, it is the best place to get your adrenaline pumping and heart rate racing. Featuring Thai-theme and architecture, this 18.5 hectares water park boasts a great variety of water rides for different ages. The Lost City is a water structure with 120 games to keep the young children happy. For those wanting to chill, why not float leisurely along the Mai Tai lazy river or sunbathe on the artificial beach facing the Wave Palace? For adrenaline junkies, there are thrilling water rides such as The Dragon tornado slide, Singha water coaster, and the Tower of Power – a 28-meter high freefall vertical slide that reaches up to the speed of 80km/h.

Here at At Leisure Chain, we have carefully compiled the most updated list of theme and amusement parks from around the globe. We have further categorized these parks into Theme – Leisure – Amusement Parks and Water Parks to ease your search. Whether you are looking for a small independent amusement park or a theme park mogul with worldwide locations such as Disney resorts and Universal Studios, you will find something that meets your needs by using our interactive map and filters.

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