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Castlemaine Victoria Australia

We have created the perfect saucy accompaniments for your sweet treats.  Perfect on cake or Ice Cream.  It takes stewed fruit and pancakes to the next delicious level. Think of pancakes with grilled banana and.

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Lynnville Iowa USA

Rich with iron, calcium, and potassium, sorghum syrup, made from sweet sorghum cane can be used as a table syrup. It is a major ingredient in baked beans, cookies and popcorn balls. The Sorghum products.

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Perth Tasmania Australia

Distinct gourmet selection of pure honey in varieties including apple , ginger , hazelnut orange and chocolate flavors

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Frickingen Germany

Producers of organic and high-quality biodynamic brands. Campo Verdes extensive range of range of products includes drinks, spreads, condiments, cereals, pasta, sausage products and more.

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Saint-Pamphile Quebec Canada

Exporter of superior quality maple syrup products worldwide. Global standards are maintained in the production process. Best prices are offered without compromising the quality of the products.

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Berlin Germany

Producers of a range of quality hot sauces using natural ingredients without adding refined sugar or bitter extracts. There are 7 types of sauces available and each one has its own chilli and flavour.

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Tarin Point New South Wales Australia

Gold medal dessert sauces in 6 flavours. Brandy Butterscotch, Chocolate, Magical Mocha, Naughty Irish Cream, Vanilla Bean, Creamy Caramel. Customized products also available upon request

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Sydney NSW Australia

Manufacturers of unique, natural, Australian, eucalyptus honey that has no chemical additives or artifivial colouring and is Kosher and Halal certified.

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Gumligen Switzerland

Cuisine Pro -Ready to use flavoring powders, sauce powders, soup powders, and a large variety of seasoning enhancers. Careful adherence to maintaining a high level of innovation in their production process ensures quality products

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Mole Creek Tasmania Australia

Family operated apiary, producing 2 varieties of Tasmanian Honey. Golden Bee Clover/Blackberry and Ground Flora Honey and Golden Hector Real Leather wood Honey.

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Lalahan Mamak Ankara Turkey

A major domestic and international supplier of several well-known brands. Altin Petek exports the largest amount of natural and pure Turkish honey to overseas markets. Their products such as Teneke and Varil are available in.

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Vancouver Washington USA

Producing the finest quality natural and organic tomato products including Crushed and Ground Tomatoes, Diced Tomatoes, Chopped Tomatoes, Sauces, Puree and Paste. Better service, better quality and competitive prices are assured.

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Providencia Santiago Chile

One of the largest producers and suppliers of tomato paste, fruit and vegetable pulp around the globe. High quality and international production standards are maintained throughout the production process.

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Pathankot Punjab India

Producers and exporters of cereal-based products Vital Wheat Gluten, Rice Protein, Maltodextrin, and Brown Rice Syrup. Production is managed by experienced professionals keeping in line with international quality standards.

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Muang Chonburi Thailand

Using fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, Thai Preeda supply a huge variety of delicacy sauces and seasonings to local and overseas markets. Their product range includes cooking sauces, ready to cook sauces, tasty curry.

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Ludhiana Punjab India

One of India's largest producers and exporters of pure honey. Their product range includes natural honey, blended honey, premium honey, organic honey, bulk honey. The products are available in 42 countries.

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Kingston South Australia Australia

Gourmet range of honeys, handmade and derived from Australian Eucalyptus and native flora, producing delightfully different flavours.

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Mudgee NSW Australia

Manufacturer of handmade gourmet quality jams and marmalade, wine jellies pastes ,honey syrups and exotic specialties such as nuts in cinnamon honey.

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Clifton Queensland Australia

Premier Australian supplier of certfied organic honey supplying honey products to national and international markets including honeycomb and raw propolis

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Seneffe Belgium

Specialists in the production and supply of high-quality ingredients for the bakery and pastry industries worldwide. Fruit fillings, bakery jam, and fruit spread directly from nature to you

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