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Global Culinary Tours  


Culinary tours are gaining much popularity in recent years for many reasons. Apart from sampling the delicious culinary delights they tell a story about the countries and places you are visiting. You will get a peek into ‘behind-the-scenes’ of their culinary preparation, immerse yourself in local culture and tradition, discover places outside of the typical tourist areas, and support the locals.  Browse our Global Culinary Tour section for tours from around the world. This section is further divided into the following categories to ease your search:   Our Harvest and Produce Trails categories features a collection guided tours to visit farms, orchards and markets where you’ll get to see how the locally grown fruits, vegetables, spices, honey, cheeses are harvested or produced. It also offers a chance for travellers to engage with the passionate local business owners   A Food Tour is a great way to combine travel and food. Our Food Tour category boasts a wide selection of tours to suit your preference and budget. From a street food adventure in Kuala Lumpur city to sample the delicious multicultural cuisines and hang out at the “Mamak stalls”, to tasting the artfully crafted food by award-winning chefs, the choices of food tours are endless.  


For wine lovers, don’t miss our Winery Tours listings. Discover the most popular wine regions in the world and enjoy a guided tour around the vineyards, see how wines are being produced and aged, and of course sampling it!  There are tours that combine wine tasting with other food such as local cheeses and snacks. There are also wine lodges that offer a complete experience of fine wine with gourmet food pairing and accommodation.  


The Brewery Tours are a fun and educational way to sample various craft beers and to learn about this rapidly expanding industry. Discover the most iconic breweries around the globe and get acquainted with what makes their beers so special, and learn how to pour that perfect pint. Our Brewery Tours also includes other beverages such as cider, vodka and brandy. Some tours include a session where you can brew your own beer or pair them with delicious local food.