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Global Leisure Tours  

Travelling and vacations are not just about sightseeing, history and culture, more travellers nowadays are seeking leisure tours and activities they can incorporate during their holiday. Our Global Leisure Tours section offers just that – tours and activities you can enjoy at destinations across the globe. Whether you are planning your own holiday or your company’s next big retreat, you can browse our Global Leisure Tours section for various activity categories.  


For fishing enthusiasts, look no further than our Fishing Tour category. Browse fishing tours you can join or simply charter a fishing vessel and let the fishing experts take you to the waters they know best. Enjoy an unforgettable fishing adventure fly fishing, shark fishing or sports fishing for salmon, trout, and marlin. Our Safari Outback Tours category boasts an extensive listing of safari operators from around the world, dedicated to nature and adventure lovers. Some examples of tours you will find are overland camping tours in the outback of Australia, the gorilla encounter adventure in Rwanda, game drive in Ngorongoro Highlands in Tanzania and jeep safari tours across the globe. These tours range from half-day trips to an extended six weeks cross-country expedition and can be hired privately for your own group with a personalised itinerary.  


Outdoor and adventure lovers will find our Adventure-Cycling-Trekking category useful. Simply filter your findings by country or use our interactive map to narrow down your searches for exciting cycling and trekking adventures at your favourite holiday destinations. Similarly, we offer a Scuba Diving Adventures category for underwater enthusiasts looking to plan their next diving vacation.  


Last but not least, browse our Hot Air Balloon Rides category for over 200 hot air balloon operators from around the world. This oldest form of aerial transport offers a unique way to enjoy the amazing setting from high above. From exploring the craggy landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey to gliding through the valley of Queenstown in New Zealand, there are many amazing hot air balloon rides to choose from.

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