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Support Global Hospitality Charities

Do Not Waste It – Donate It  ( help us to help them )

With so much food wastage in the world today, it is our mission to support and promote global hospitality charities to our global audience. We are committed to spreading the word about food wastage, and on our hospitality charities pages we feature global not for profit food organisations soup kitchens and food banks.

We see as the ideal platform to feature such charities as this is the site in which we feature food manufactures and distributors from around the world.

Through our regular mail outs and social media posts, we encourage the manufactures listed on the hospitality chain platform to donate any food that may be nearing use by date, may have faulty packaging, or is of surplus products due to overproduction. Click onto our food charities page to view the hundreds of not for profit soup kitchens food banks all in need of support






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