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chef Nadi Santini
Chefs Biography - Chef Nadia Santini
Recipient of the 2013 Verve Cliquot best chef award, Nadia is head chef at Dal Pescatore, one of Italy's best restaurants and in her husbands family since 1925. Although she studied food chemistry at university, Nadia has never taken formal cooking classes. It was at Dal Pescatore that she began her culinary career working alongside her husbands grandmother and mother learning to cook traditional Italian cuisine. Nadia has never worked in any other kitchen and gradually perfected her culinary skills in the family restaurant over the past 20 years. Her brilliance is displayed in her delicate home made pasta and cured meat and fish dishes. The first woman in Italy to be awarded three Michelin Stars, Nadia lives and works alongside her husband and two sons and continues to carry on the family tradition at Dal Pescatorernrn

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