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Chef Joseph Bonanno Portrait
Chefs Biography - Chef Joseph T Bonanno
American firefighter Joseph T Bonanno is also a certified fitness trainer, nutritionist and a member of The International Sports Medicine Association. He is winner of multiple cooking contests including America's Greatest Firehouse, and The Florida State Iron Chef Competition. He has made guest appearances in many TV shows including 'Live with Regis',and 'The Today Show' and is author of The 'Healthy Firehouse Cookbook'. During the tragedy of 9/ 11, Joe and his brother worked tirelessly with their colleagues in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero. In addition to his culinary demonstrations and nutrition & fitness classes, Joe has recently completed his first season of Firehouse Kitchen series. This multi talented chef is currently pursuing the making of an animated movie based on his 3rd book, a children book about a firefighting elephant.

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