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Chefs Biography - Chef Jamie Oliver
James Trevor Oliver, is a British celebrity chef and restaurateur, know the world over for his organic culinary expertise in Italian and British cuisine. He began his culinary career as a pastry chef and quickly moved on to serve as a sous chef at London’s iconic River Cafe. Whilst working at there he attracted the attention of the BBC, after appearing in a documentary about the popular restaurant. Shortly after he debuted in his first TV show “ The Naked Chef, followed by the launch of this first cookbook also named The Naked Chef. This led to the launch of his TV documentary “Jamie's Kitchen” followed by the establishment of the famous “Fifteen “ chain of restaurants, where he trained disadvantaged young would be chefs to work in the hospitality industry. Inspired by culinary trends from around the world, the restaurant is known for using high quality local produce, where the whole animals and local fish are all butchered and prepared on site. Being an advocate for healthy eating Jamie used his growing popularity to set up a campaign to ban unhealthy foods from British schools and following this he established the global not for profit program ‘Jamie's Ministry of Food. The program is designed to change the way people think about food with particular emphasis on helping to reduce diet related diseases through community awareness . Jamie is a recipient of multiple awards and is considered to be a most influential person in the global hospitality industry

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