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Fried Onions Cooking in oil
Fried Onions
Often when frying onions they can be cooked too much or not enough and this can affect the taste of your meal altogether.
See here a simple way to cook onions without comprising taste

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Ingredients / Method

The secret to any Pakistani food is the way onion is prepared. Many of us end up burning onion without even realizing it. Women in my family aren’t chefs but these techniques have been passed down generations.  Onion must be sliced thinly so as to cook them all at the same time and cook them evenly. Use a mandolin slicer if needed.

Burnt onion not only affects the taste but the colour of the final product as well.fried onions cooking in oil Take a light base pan or pot, add around 1 cup of oil for every 2 medium onions. (You can use more oil and at the end of the frying, remove the oil, let it cool down, store in an airtight bottle, and you can use it again). Fry onion at the highest heat for the few minutes or until the onion start changing their colour. Reduce flame to low. Keep stirring constantly until golden brown. switch off flame, remove with a slotted spoon, and spread it out (to help in air circulation & keep the onion crispy). patience and stirring constantly is important

If all onion (a stage after golden, or slightly brown) is required, fry for few more seconds (but switch off the flame at the golden brown stage). remove and spread it out.

if onion is not stirred constantly, or isn’t sliced finely, or if cooked at high heat the entire time, it will start burning from the edges & the center will stay raw. the last picture is of burnt onion.

you can store these onion in a zip lock bag or an airtight container for later use. refrigerate if not using within 24 hours or if the room temperature is above 18 Celsius.

I hope you enjoyed the post. thank you 🙂

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