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chef dana cree
Chefs Biography - Chef Dana Cree
Rising star pastry chef Dana Cree has worked in some of the world's best kitchens with her impressive list including England's The Fat Duck, Copenhagen's Noma, Denmark's Kadeau, Beverley Hill's Spago, New York's WD-50 and currently at Blackbird - one of Chicago's most respected fine dining establishments. Her culinary career began in 2000 with studies in baking and pastry programs with an interest in the savory lines before making the shift to her current position. Dana is renowned for her innovative and exploitative menu profile, and her texture and flavour enriched culinary masterpieces include the use of burnt honey, dark chocolate, tangerine, sesame torte, frozen parsnip, custard, ginger milk meringue, finger lime and peanut, as well as goat cheese pudding rn

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