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a bowl of chlili mussels
A Uniuqe Version Of Chilli Mussels Recipe
Low in calories and high in vitamin B12, amino acid , selenium and zinc, mussels are packed with nutrients that support your health. This delicious version of chilli mussels has been created by the founder of hospitality chain and is a favourite among all our staff

Profile Description

Chilli Mussels with a twist 

CHEF     Ian Sutherland ( self proclaimed ) 

WEBSITE  Founder of Hospitaity Chain 

EMAIL    Click To View


I Large Brown Onion – I Bunch Spring Onions

2 Cloves Garlic – Quality Virgin Olive Oil

Kalamata Olives ( de pitted )

2 Large Red Tomatoes – Small Jar of Premium Anchovies

Small Bunch of Parsley – Cracked Pepper – Salt Flakes

2-3 Large Red Chillies (your choice medium or hot)

2 Medium Bottles of Quality Organic Tomato Puree

2 kgs of fresh Back or Green Mussels in shells

Handful of Fresh Scallops (optional)

Half cup of White Wine

Your favourite baked fresh bread – You will need it

Mine is Ciabatta. Slice then cut into halves.


Deep Frying Pan . Large Pot with handles and lid

serving Tray.  Tongs and ladle


Chop Brown Onion, Spring Onions, Fresh Red Tomatoes and Parsley

Crush Garlic Cloves.

Split Red Chillies, remove seeds and finely chop

Cut Kalamata Olives in half

Let The Fun Begin

Heat pan and add olive oil

Add Onions, Spring Onions, crushed Garlic and simmer

Add chopped Tomatoes, Chillies and Kalamata olives.

Season with salt flakes and cracked pepper.

Open jar of Anchovies & pour the Anchovy Oil over the mixture

Cut Anchovies into halves and add to the mixture . Stir mixture whilst simmering

Then add half a cup of White Wine, and simmer until wine reduces

Wow the Aroma is about to take over. !!

This is when the self-proclaimed chef gets into the groove

Put your favourite music on and pour yourself a glass of left over white wine

You are now allowed to taste and use a piece of the cut bread to dip into the mixture

to taste and eat.

Now the taste buds go insane and the music and wine go in

harmony and you are now dancing and singing in the kitchen.

Open the two bottles of tomato puree, add to mixture, throw in half of the chopped

parsley and slowly  simmer. (Leave the other half of the parsley to garnish and colour

the dish before serving) Keep stirring to mix ingredients and avoid sticking or burning

Wash and clean the mussels.

Heat large pot and place in all the mussels and put lid on pot

Keep checking mussels until they are fully opened.

During this process don’t forget the scallops. Throw the scallops into the sauce mixture whilst the mussels

are simmering in the pot

Keep an eye on the simmering mixture; add cracked pepper and heat to nice temperature. Keeps stirring the

mixture to avoid sticking and burning.

Hear comes the trick – call in helper to drain the mussels.

Take pot over sink and get helper to hold lid over pot, slightly leaving a gap.

Tilt pot and drain all the water. If the mussels are not completely opened just

Place back on heat. Do not over heat to avoid mussels becoming rubbery

Place the mussels in a serving dish (baking tray) disperse evenly.

Pour mixture over mussels; add a touch of cracked black pepper and garnish with some of the left over fresh

chopped parsley over the dish

TIP: You can lightly toast your prepared bread and drizzle some virgin olive oil over the toast. OR simply use the fresh bread to mop up the sauce

Use tongs and a large serving spoon to serve into bowls.

Napkins are a must.

Wine Matching – Chilled Sauvignon Blanc – My choice – Cloudy Bay NZ

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