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Headshot image of chef Rosia Sanchez
Pastry Chef's Unique Taqueria Stand
Rosia Sanchez is a young Mexican - American born Chef who at the age of 30 left her pastry chef job at world renowned Danish restaurant Noma, to open up her own Taqueria Stand ( taco stand ) at Copenhagens famous Torvehallerne market.

Profile Description

Rosio’s unique and popular stand is aptly named Hija de Sanchez ( daughter of Sanchez) is the only one of its kind in the region. Here she fulfills her passion for bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to a country that knows very little about tacos. Rosio’s tacos are a labor of love considering she dedicated more that a year to source the best corn from Mexico to bring back to Denmark. Whilst there are many different types of corn ” you must select the type that has the least percentage of water, says Rosio.’  Spanish corn is almost 50% water which means that it will turn to mush if you drop it in water to boil. On the other hand Mexican corn is only 15% water and therefore the best choice for making crispy authentic Mexican tacos. Rosio has worked in many popular restaurants, but ultimately she ‘craved working in a place that was more casual, was something more approachable, and something that would have a connection to my soul.'” At Rosio’s Taqueria Stand she offers 3 varieties of tacos daily and 2 varieties of Paletas.  These ‘ icepops’  with a difference can be purchased in flavors of Coconut, Hibiscus, Lakrids, Avocado, & chocolate and liquorice. Tacos Paletas and A selection of premium beverages can be ordered from Rosias on line store

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