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head shot of chef Ina Garten in red scarfe
Chefs Biography - Chef Ina Garten
American renowned Chef, Ina Rosenberg Garten, was born and bred in New York City. She is an established author of numerous cook books, is a host of the Food Network Program 'Barefoot Contessa', has worked at the white house, and has her own pilots license. Although she has no formal culinary training, Ina taught herself to cook by reading French and English cookery books, by using her imagination and intuition, and by experimenting with various cooking styles. During an extended vacation to France she was introduced to open-air markets, produce stands, and fresh cooking ingredients for the first time. This further developed her taste for French Cuisine, which she perfected by hosting regular dinner parties with her New York Friends. Upon leaving her Government job at the white house , Ina pursued her passion for gourmet food by purchasing an established specialty food store, named “The Barefoot Contessa’ , after actress Ava Gardener. Ina extended the store to 7 times in original size and began selling delicacies’ such as caviar, specialty imported cheeses, lobster and various locally grown fresh produce. The store has become a landmark for the affluent New York residents and attracts many visitors from around he world. Ina has received numerous culinary awards and has written for various magazine columns including O The Oprah Magazine. To find out more visit her website from which you can purchase her books, or buy specialty and convenience products from her online store

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