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Head Shot Image of Chef Fergus Henderson
Britain's critically acclaimed Chef Fergus Henderson is renowned for using trotters, tripe, kidneys and chitterlings and other animal parts in his recipes. He a restaurateur, author of several cookbooks, and MBE and Michelin Star recipient for St Johns of London.

Profile Description

Globally respected Chef Fergus Henderson is widely known for his philosophy on – making use of the whole animal – approach to cooking.  Often referred to as the Nose to Tail chef, he uses offal and other neglected meats in his traditional British recipes, which are usually paired with quality French wines. Fergus, has had no formal culinary training and like his parents before him, trained as an Architect at the Architectural Association of London. His passion for food led him to open his first culinary venture ‘ The French House Dining Room ‘ along with his wife Margo in 1992 at Soho’s popular French House Pub. Two years later he opened his first St Johns restaurant in London. Renowned for its popular bone marrow and parsley salad , St Johns was awarded a Michelin star in 2009. In the same year Fergus was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and in 2005 underwent a revolutionary form of deep stimulation brain surgery. This was the same year he was awarded an MBE and although the surgery did not cure his Parkinson it did reduce the tremors, jerks and shakes. Fergus is a stoic supporter the Parkinson’s Appeal for Deep Brain Stimulation. Although he has never worked under a chef, Fergus is respected and revered among the worlds top chefs. both old and young chefs – who find him inspirational in both is culinary as well as personal achievements. He has authored several books including – The Whole Beast, Nose to Tail Eating and The complete Nose to Tail eating.

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