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A headshot image of Chef Ann Burrell
A colorful vibrant personality, Chef Ann Burrell has worked in some of the worlds best restaurant kitchens in Italy and her native USA. A popular and recognizable face in the culinary world she has appeared in numerous cooking shows and authored various best seller cookbooks

Profile Description

Celebrity Chef, TV personality Restaurateur and Author, Chef  Ann Burrell has a big a personality to match her big hair. She is easily recognizable by the wild blond spiky hair that she has sported since her school years .  Ann has hosted the The Food Network show – Secrets of a Restaurant Chefs as well as Worst Cooks In America. Growing up in upstate New York Ann developed a passion of food and culinary art from an early age. Upon completing her English and communication degree, she enrolled in the Culinary Institute Of America .

After her stint at Culinary Institute USA, Ann traveled to Italy to further hone her skill. When in Italy she attended the Italian Culinary Institute whilst also working at the popular La Taveran Del Lupo in Umbria and the Michelin Star restaurant La Bottega del 30 in Tuscany. It was during her time in Italy that Ann came to know, understand and appreciate the Italian cuisine for which love of Italian food philosophy and culture remains with her today. Published in 2011, Anne authored cook book “ Cook Like A Rock Star “ which earned her place on the New York Times best seller list, followed by her second book, Own Your Kitchen in 2013. Ann has worked alongside Mario Batali as his sous chef on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America and has appeared in “ Chefs Wanted “

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