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chef cathlyn choi
Chefs Biography - Chef Cathlyn Choi
Host of Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen, Cathlyn was born in Vietnam to Korean Parents. She began to experiment with traditional Korean meals at the tender age of 10, alongside mother and grandmother and by the age of 12 she was preparing meals for her families catering business. As fate would have it, one of her neighbors was an executive chef who cooked for the Sultan Of Brunei and she spent a great deal of time with him further developing her skills. Extensive travel throughout Asia and Europe followed, where she learnt to appreciate culture and flavours and cement her unique cooking style. With a passion for fusion food, she has developed over 1,000 traditional Korean and fusion recipes, some of which include Kimchi tofu chilli with angel hair pasta. Kimchi Deokbokki pasta, Kim Bap and Mee-yok Gook, all of which can be downloaded from her website

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