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Coffee Tea Suppliers  


Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, after water. Legend has it that the first cup of tea was brewed by accident. Back in the 2737 B.C., a servant was bringing a cup of boiling water for the Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung when some dried leaves landed in the cup, creating an infused aroma that made hot water much pleasant to drink.  


Today, the selection of teas has expanded tremendously with Darjeeling from West Bengal, India being one of the most common tea varieties. It is thin-bodied, light in colour and transmits floral fragrance. The Chinese green tea is another common variety which gives a slightly bitter yet cooling aroma. Then there are the popular blends and infusions such as earl grey, chamomile and rooibos, which non-tea elements of flowers, spices and essential oils are added to the tea blends.  


Coffee drinking can be trace back as far as the mid 15th century, at which time the Sufis in Yemen drank brewed liquid from berries collected from coffee plants to help with concentration and to stay alert. Nowadays, not only is coffee consumed for its stimulant effects, but also for its aromatic and tart flavour. There are many types of coffee available, from the Arabica, Robusta to the exotic and pricey Luwak coffee in South East Asia.  


Our directory features an extensive selection of Coffee Tea Suppliers from around the world. Whether you are in the food service, retail or a corporate company sourcing tea and coffee supplies for workplace consumption, you will find suitable tea and coffee suppliers to meet your beverage needs. Once you have found your perfect source and blend of tea or coffee, you can contact our suppliers directly. Using their insights and expertise they are able to offer the best solutions for your needs at competitive prices. Some suppliers even extend their product lines to offer the coffee and tea equipment, with unparalleled aftersales support.

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