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Bakery Products Suppliers

The evolution of the baking industry can be traced back to 300 BC. During this time bakery was looked upon as an occupation of respect for the Romans. Bakery suppliers used mills to grind grains into flours, which they then used for baking breads. The popularity of baking soon spread across Europe and onto the United Kingdom after which many bakery products suppliers became vendors selling goods on the streets.  The first open air bakery can be traced back to Paris and was considered a place not only to buy baked goods but also a place to gather and meet and socialize. Today Bakery suppliers and manufacture produce a whole range of baked goods including biscuits cakes puddings, savouries and pastries as well as a huge variety of wedding and specialty cakes including birthday cakes and special occasions cakes. They have modern equipment and technology to fast track milling and flour production, yet many still like to use old style methods to create their products.  


Manufacturers featured in this hospitality platform have been carefully selected for their premium products and we consider them to be among the worlds best. To learn more about them select a category from the above, visit your selected artisan bakery suppliers website, browse their products, view their recipes and contact them to either purchase direct or from select stockist nearest to you.

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