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Wine Regions of Tasmania

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Wines of Tasmania



Tasmania is an island located about 240 km off the southern coast of Australia with a population of around half a million. It is nicknamed the “Wild Island State” for a good reason. About 42% of its land is protected area comprising a number of national parks and the 15,800 km² Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks to the cheap flights and the regular ferries from the Australian peninsular, Tasmania is attracting many tourists for its wilderness, stunning beaches, history, seafood and of course, wines!


Tasmania has one of the longest histories of wine cultivation in Australia. The first grapes were planted on the island in 1788, but the commercial production did not take place until 1823 by Bartholomew Broughton. The Derwent, Tamar and Coal River valleys are some of the earliest vineyards in Tasmania. Cuttings from grapevines on the island were even used for the establishment of vineyards in the Victoria state and the south of Australia.


Situated at a latitude of 41˚south and surrounded by water, wine tasting Tasmania climate is largely cool and influenced by the strong winds. The climate is similar to that of Europe thus making the wines of Tasmania and their productions similar to that of the European wine industry. Although small in size, Tasmania boasts over 230 vineyards and 90 cellar doors.


The wines of Tasmania are renowned for their elegance and lively characteristics with the state offering a wonderful selection of cool climate wines such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, as well as dry aromatic wines. Tasmania is one of the earliest states in Australia to gain international attention for its wines. Bartholomew Broughton’s fortified dessert wine was deemed to have a close resemblance to port wine. Furthermore, the recent global warming has in fact positively impacted the wine business in Tasmania in general, with grapes ripen more fully and as a result, more succulent wines.


The collection of Wines region of Tasmania will not be complete without its exquisite sparkling wines. With climate mimicking that of in France, the region is producing a superb quality of this fizzy variety. In fact, sparkling wines account for over 40% of wine production in Tasmania with a wide range of sparkling wines, ranging from dry, fruity to complex note to suit every bubbly-lovers palate. Tasmanian sparkling are setting a new global benchmark in recent years. In a blind tasting held in Sweden in 2017 by a famous wine blog – The Wine Wankers, Pirie, a Tasmanian sparling managed to knock out four champagnes from France. With Tasmanian sparkling wines, you are getting world-class quality at a fraction of the Champagne price.


Browse through our pages to find premium Wines region of Tasmania and visit the Tasmanian food and Tasmanian port wine route where you will find many small producers of premium food, boutique beverages and small-scale organic farms. Here you can take part in fruit picking, attend vine planting sessions, and enjoy an authentic foodies experience whilst feasting on homegrown foods and freshly harvested vegetables. We also provide contact details of these wineries so you can communicate with them directly to place an order, make an inquiry or browse their website for more information.

DISCLAIMER: Anyone searching this site must be of legal drinking age. Alcohol must be consumed in moderation. All attempts have been made to accurately display wineries in their regions, in case of any discrepancies please contact us to correct any errors.

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