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Featuring over twenty thousand alcohol producers, wholesaler and liquor stores distributors, Hospitality Chain is one of the most comprehensive online directories for those sourcing alcoholic beverages and supplies. In general, alcoholic beverages can be categorised into four main types: Beer, Wine, Spirit-Liquor-Saké, and Cider and Perry.  


Browse beer producers from around the world offering different types and styles. Ale, lager and draught are the most commonly known beers, while other types such as cask ale, millet, corn and Oshikundu beers can also be found in the beer suppliers category. The average alcohol content of beer is 2-5%, but some, such as the Barleywine (a type of strong ale) contain as high as 15% alcohol.  


We have proudly compiled over thirteen thousand wine producers in our directory. These wine suppliers can be further filtered by country and its regions to ease your search for that perfect vino. The main types of wine are red, white, rosé, honey wine, and desserts wine and can be purchased in the form of a glass bottle, box, and barrel. From Spain’s best quality tempranillo wine to the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which have dazzled wine critics around the world, there are various wine varieties and brands to suit your palate and budget. Sparkling wine and champagne are also featured here.  


Spirits or liquor such as whisky, rum, brandy, vodka and tequila are alcoholic beverages brewed using distillation and are usually unsweetened. On the other hand, liqueurs are sweetened and flavoured using spices, fruit or nuts. Some examples of liqueurs are Amarula, Baileys, Frangelico and the multi-flavoured Schnapps. Together with the Japanese Saké, apéritif and digestif, suppliers for these alcoholic beverages can also be found in our Alcoholic Beverages section.   Last but not least, we have a category dedicated to Cider and Perry. Cider is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented apples and Perry is a similar type of alcohol but is produced using fermented pears. Other fruits are also being introduced in the cider making and these include strawberry, lime and ginger. Use this dedicated platform to search for and buy alcoholic beverages directly from producers and distributors from all regions around the world.

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