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The beginning of our creation came to life from a 50th birthday present in 2005.

The founder Ian Sutherland from Melbourne Australia was asked by his wife Katherine how he wanted to celebrate his birthday.

After much thought Ian’s reply was that he would love to go to the 10th Anniversary of the world horse racing cup in Dubai.
Ian along with 5 of his friends arranged the trip of a lifetime.


Dubai at the time was creating a tourist mecca of hospitality, business centers and attractions that had never been seen before.  During the trip Ian could see that this vibrant Middle East city was all about attracting tourism, hospitality and business well after the oil had gone.  Ian and Katherine’s working careers had similar paths in hospitality, event management, international trade, and in the domestic and international exports of perishable food and beverages.  They had worked with many international visitors and expatriates over many years and from all walks of life.  They were aware of the fact that regardless of culture or nationality – there was one common theme to ‘welcome’ and that was to ‘meet, eat and greet’.


People love to try the various foods, beverages, cooking methods and styles. In their travels, people including expatriates often miss the delights of home and they also miss the food and beverage favorites of other regions after they return home.

Trading of goods has always been a fascinating way of life for centuries and continues even more so today with the current food and hospitality phenomenon.  On the journey home Ian could not stop thinking about how people find all the delights of the culinary world. The usual answer was – the internet – but after months of internet surfing and research he could not find any dedicated one stop shop for the worlds finest food, boutique beverages and hospitality equipment, that also included hotel supplies and services such as waste management and logistics services providers

The Hospitality Chain concept was born as a free for all to use global suppliers directory showcasing premier and unique products that are not commonly found at supermarkets and convenience stores.


Let the Journey Begin           Our Concept


Our concept is to build the world’s first dedicated one stop resource facility showcasing fine food, exotic and unique beverages, premium beers and ales, fine wines and hospitality equipment and supplies. These are displayed in their global regions and include, specialty food stores and catering companies, logistics providers such as freight forwarders that specialize in air and sea freight of perishable foods, refrigerated transport, cool room storage, customs clearance, and global removal companies.  Other portals include global expat clubs, specialty foods, beer, wine and hospitality expos, as well as global hospitality and event management courses, cooking, barista and sommelier classes.


Fine wine and premium beer enthusiast can browse our dedicated liquor stores and distributors portal to find links to the world’s best growers and producers along with the finest whiskeys, sake, ciders and spirits. Additionally liquor stores from around the globe can freely, and in their own time, conveniently search for new products to place on their shelves.  Stay tuned for more new and exciting additions such as recipes, luxury travel and food charities coming soon


 Our Mission


Our mission is to be the first port of call to the culinary world and foodies in general – Offering a truly dedicated information platform linking the finest hospitality products and services. Free to use and simple to navigate is truly a one stop hospitality hub covering all areas of food hospitality and leisure.


Our focus is to continually update and develop this unique platform, concept and brand, and we do this by employing passionate staff and contractors that strive for excellence and are committed to our development and growth.

We aim to have over 75,000 selected products and services listings by the end of 2017 and will we continue to search for premium suppliers to add this unique and dedicated hospitality platform.


In the future you will see the introduction of  apps for our food, wine and beer pages. We will continue to update our extensive data base with the newest and latest products and services.


We now own 49 dedicated url’s and they are all linked to the  HOSPITALITY CHAIN.COM platform.


These include



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premium beer and



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Our Team


Hospitality Chain comprises of 11 full time employees and contractors

5  Personnel are dedicated to the area of product research data entry and site management.

2  Expert contractors specialize in the field of site development and search engine optimization.

1  Full time person specializing in social media, blogs and article writing

1  Full time person is dedicated to customer service and accounts.

2  Managing Directors are dedicated to marketing, business planning, growth and development.

Our team has grown in the past years and will continue to grow in 2016/17.  We plan to add to our global regional team and are actively searching for the like minded industry people to act as agents in all global regions.


Global Agents Wanted


Those who are interested in acting as agents for Hospitality Chain can be chefs, sommeliers, gourmet food journalists, those with freight forwarding or logistics experience, or those who have food and hospitality background and experience.

To apply email is a global directory featuring premium suppliers of fine food, beverages, hospitality supplies and services.  We do not sell products on behalf of featured suppliers.  Sales between featured suppliers and buyers are made directly between each other.

Suppliers who are interested in being featured on our global directory pay annual or monthly subscription fee for advertising their products on our directory.

Any alcohol purchased from this site will only be shipped within Australia, unless an export license is provided

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