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The word hospitality is broad but simply encompasses the world's largest industries of

fine food, hospitality, leisure, tourism and specialized logistics. is a bold attempt to provide the world with the first and only

dedicated online directory to these massive, diverse and exciting industries.

The focus of this site is to showcase only the finest, select and premier products and services

that these high end industries have to offer


Buy direct and save on costs


For centuries hospitality, leisure and travel have gone hand in hand and whilst there are numerous

websites today featuring travel, hotels and resorts, our point of difference is that we

are the first and only global directory to feature fine food, hospitality and leisure,

including luxury cruises, charter yachts & boats, luxury jets planes and tourists trains

all on the one platform.


A truly dedicated Global Hospitality Suppliers Directory


Suppliers of high quality products and services are featured in

categories and global regions with direct links to their websites and contact details.

Connect directly with manufactures of gourmet food and premium beverages such as

fine wines, craft beers, ciders, sake, liquor stores and distributors.

Source directly from suppliers of organic and gluten free food, kosher, holistic and halal food.


If you want to buy hospitality equipment you can find suppliers of hotel and

restaurant catering equipment, furniture and decor as well as chefs apparel, linen

and waste management services.

View our huge list of global air and sea freight services, freight

forwarders, custom brokers and logistics providers for all your freight needs.


Regular visitors to this dedicated global hospitality suppliers directory include food importers

and distributors. hotels, restaurants, resorts and global chefs, specialty food stores

airlines, ships provedores, and foodies in general.


Visit our careers and courses pages to find links to some of the worlds best hospitality

and culinary schools, event management courses, cooking and barista classes,

hotel management, sommelier and wine making courses.


Browse our chefs biography pages to learn all about your

favorite celebrity chefs, visit their websites to view their restaurants and try making some

of their special recipes.


Foodies and home chefs, we invite you to submit your favorite,

or special recipes on our recipe pages


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